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Jamaa Birth Village | 8 Church St., Ferguson, Mo. P: 314-643-7703| E:

Hours: Monday-Wednesday 9am- 5pm

Home Visits on Fridays 9am-5pm

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About Jamaa Birth Village

Welcome to the village, a sacred and safe space for expectant women and families in St. Louis! Jamaa Birth Village is a 501c3 non-profit Midwifery & Doula organization in Ferguson, Missouri. Founded in October 2015, Jamaa Birth Village has worked with over 400 families in providing perinatal care, further lowering infant and maternal mortality/morbidity rates that are significantly higher for African-American women. Jamaa has also trained over 75 Doulas of color in the St. Louis region. Jamaa, pronounced Jah-mah, means family in Swahili, and our main focuses are to enhance individual care and empower families by celebrating cultural heritage in a community care setting to combat racial and health inequities and increasing access to quality and affordable client based care through:

         Holistic & Culturally Based Midwifery Care (Home & Hospital Births. Birth Center Births Coming Soon!) 

Doula Care (For both Low & High Risk Pregnancies)

Childbirth & Nutrition Education

Breastfeeding & Postpartum Support

Moms & Dads Support Groups

Mother-Baby Donations & Resources

Doula Training & Student Midwife of Color Training & Support

Mission: To provide affordable access to Midwives, Doula's and Childbirth & Parenting education in the St. Louis region to lower prematurity, maternal-infant mortality and morbidity through a network of health professionals and peers.

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Home Visits

Jamaa Birth Village offers a Community Health Worker program "Jamaa Succeeds©"for low-income expectant mothers and families. Through Jamaa Succeeds each person or family receives in-home support providing :

Midwifery Care through our Equal Access Midwifery Program

Pregnancy & Parenting Education

Financial Literacy


Housing Assistance

Breastfeeding Support

Jamaa Birth Village encourages healthy firsts foods and works to normalize breastfeeding for families of color by offering "Jamaa First Foods© & SNAPBack Nutrition©" programs. These programs are taught by a Certified Lactation Consultant (CLC) with Lactation Services offered by an IBCLC. Each expecting parent receives breastfeeding and nutrition education, a breast pump and accessories to help make breastfeeding successful.

Birth & Postpartum Doula

Jamaa Birth Village provides Doula services through staff Doulas and also through their initiative the St. Louis Doulas of Color Collective©. 

Our Doulas provide care for:

Low-Risk & High- Risk Pregnancies

Un-medicated & Medicated Births

Vaginal and Surgical Births

Hospital, Birth Center & Homebirths

All Doulas operate on a sliding-scale fee for low-income clients.



“Thank you!! I love it [Bed, Pack N' Play & Bedding] sooooooo much. I really appreciate you guys and all that you have done for me in this pregnancy. You guys have helped this experience be the best that it can be. Things started out rough but you guys really made this pregnancy experience life!” -Iyanna

“Friday I walked into my first day of Doula certification training not knowing what to expect. All of us graduated yesterday. Today I am having withdrawal symptoms. I miss being surrounded by their love. I miss seeing the happiness and sadness on their beautiful faces. I miss hearing their personal struggles. I missed how the room naturally filled with love. I miss those warm hugs. I miss the loudness. I miss how Ms. Tru looked at us with pride. I miss how they loved & respected me. I miss all of those strangers that became my tribe.”  

-New Doula Sharon