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Jamaa Herbal


Jamaa Birth Village Herbal Apothecary

“Medicine & Healing in the Way of Our Ancestors”

Jamaa Birth Village was created by Tru through a vision sparked in Africa and our goal is to re-integrate African & African-American traditional care practices to bring about generational health, wellness and longevity from pregnancy & beyond. Jamaa's Herbal Apothecary was also a vision from Founder Tru, who has practiced as a community herbalist since 2009. She realized a need to provide expectant families experiencing mild health concerns & families wishing to maintain thriving health, with gentle holistic, herbal & nutritional therapy from a cultural perspective rooted right in their community.


Traditionally, an Apothecary was the center of every village & community, and provided patients, Midwives & Physicians with herbs, botanicals, oils and medicinals in the olden days. Modernly we have pharmacies which neglect to provide our communities with organic, sustainably grown herbs and supplements that provide cultural healing and remedies for true health & wellness.

Our Apothecary is Triple A Certified:



Available to everyone 



Herbs & Supplements in our Apothecary Contains:

Locally grown, ethically wildcrafted, organic and of high quality herbs, essential oils, supplements, nutritional food items, body care & breastfeeding care items. We also have a DIY Bulk herb section where you can select, weigh, package and purchase your herbs on the spot at our Ferguson, Location.

We also have shipping options available in our online store. 


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